We want to change the culture around litter—but we need you. Calcasieu Parish has many jobs and

opportunities to offer, but in order to reach our full potential, we have to address our litter problem.


The purpose of the Pick It Up movement is to give you the tools to create sustainable change. Below 

are some easy steps that will help you get there.

Commit to a Clean Lifestyle

Each of us has an opportunity to make a difference, and it starts with a simple decision to live a clean lifestyle. Realizing your daily choices have an impact on the world around you is the first step to effecting true change. 

Come Up with a Plan

 Now it's time to develop a plan. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Buy a water filter to cut down on plastic bottles.
  • Implement a recycling routine (see Team Green for info on drop-off sites in Lake Charles).
  • Secure loose trash in your yard or vehicle.
  • Use more sustainable products (i.e. reusable grocery bags, reusable bottles, biodegradable wrapping paper and gift bags, replacing Tupperware with mason jars, etc.).
  • Make use of free dumpsites for large or irregular items, as well as recyclables.

Join a Group

You don't have to effect change alone. Plan a group cleanup through our Adopt-a-Spot program or message us to be paired with an existing group. This is a great opportunity to earn community service hours or just meet like-minded people in your area. Supplies provided.

Spread the Word

A major part of the Pick It Up movement is highlighting the positive changes that are already taking place in Calcasieu Parish and inspiring others to get involved. You can use the hashtag #pickitupcalcasieu when posting about your efforts to adopt a cleaner lifestyle and share posts from our social media accounts to yours.