Our goal is to improve Calcasieu Parish by changing attitudes towards trash. An important part of that is working with local law enforcement to enforce laws that keep our waterways, roadways, parks and neighborhoods clean. 


We have a litter enforcement officer that works closely with local businesses and residents to help implement safer and cleaner standards as part of our initiative to improve Calcasieu Parish. His job includes notifying businesses when there's a trash violation as well as working with law enforcement to prevent reoccurring violations. 


Part of our litter enforcement officer's job is responding to reports of litter violations from citizens. See a trash problem? You can call 337-493-LITR (5487) or report it here. 

litter ordinances

Each city in Calcasieu Parish adopts its own litter laws and enforces them independently. For areas outside of city limits, fines and other penalties are set by the parish litter ordinance and enforced by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.