About Us

Pick It Up Calcasieu is a movement to fight litter in Calcasieu Parish through the increased availability of resources, education and opportunities to get involved. We are banding together to do something about our litter problem—because enough is enough.

our mission

We want residents, businesses and schools to be more aware of the resources and opportunities that are available to them through the parish. We want to communicate that keeping Calcasieu clean doesn't have to be complicated at all. It only takes a small step in the right direction to make a difference.


  • We're offering a revamped Adopt-a-Spot program that makes it easier than ever to participate in a cleanup.
  • We're informing the public on why litter is a problem—and how it hurts our area. 
  • We're equipping the public with tools to change the attitude surrounding litter in our parish.
  • We're cleaning up Calcasieu Parish in order to #KeepLouisianaBeautiful!