pick it up, calcasieu.

We're shifting toward a cleaner and more sustainable standard of living in Calcasieu Parish, but it's clear that we need to pick it upTrash is a problem in our parish—but a preventable one.

Now, it's easier than ever to get involvedreport littering, or find a disposal site. Everything you need to make a difference can be found on this website. If you have a question or need help, simply call us at 337-493-LITR (5487).


Whether you're looking for information on how to schedule a clean up, find a dumpsite, or simply get involved in the Pick It Up Calcasieu movement as an individual, school or business, we've got resources for you.


People participating in Adopt-A-Spot

Get a group together and schedule

a time to clean up an area of your

choice. Supplies provided.



Calcasieu Parish has two dumpsites where residents can drop off

their trash for free.

report litter

Person throwing litter on the ground

Reporting litter is an easy process. Call 337-493-LITR (5487) or fill out a simple, short form. 


Citizen who cares about the environment and loves nature

Real change starts with you. Learn how you can get involved and make a difference in your community.



Learn how your business can join our efforts to clean up Calcasieu and help  change the culture around litter.


Child learning in a classroom

Make a lasting impact on the children at your school with an anti-litter presentation by our litter team.


An important part of our effort to clean up Calcasieu Parish is working with local law enforcement to ensure litter laws are enforced and up-to-date. Click below to see how and why we're issuing heavy litter penalties and fines.